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Even though I don’t love the manhwa, at first it was quite interesting. What will she do to survive? What will happen to her? I asked this questions to myself in every chapter. But my curiosity and enjoyment went away around chapter 20, mostly with the appearance of new characters, who were everything but not interesting.


the who made me a princess read online The art… WOW! princess read online The art carries the whole manhwa. While making the average of each aspect of the manhwa, as you can see, the art saved the overall rate.

The character designs are honestly pretty, their hair and eyes look stunning without doubt, it’s a fact. The scenary is quite alright too, even the chibi versions are cute.

princess read online It’s by far my favourite art from all the manhwas I’ve read, while reading I was centred mostly in appreciate the art, since it’s theprincess read online best aspect of this manhwa by far.Characters… The characters are the worst let’s start by that.

First Athy our main character. Even though at first she was somehow fine, after reading and reading, I just went to the conclusion of how stupid she is. The main problem with main characters in this kind of manhwas is that they think the characters of the novel they read in their past life will be exactly the same as the people in front of them. But you just have to think… in the novel you read they were characters but now they’re people, you’ll see other faces of them, they’ll have emotions, etc.

who made me a princess read online Also the problem of: I have to change my fate! If you already changed your personality (because you are other person) and actions (because you know your fate), the story will change! Stop being so focused saying that you have to avoid your end when you already changed the story, it’s just annoying.



read who made me a princess online begins in the cutest way imaginable: a woman gets reincarnated as a baby princess that is destined to die throughout a classic fantasy story. Baby is determined for that not to happen, and decides to be the most adorable creature imaginable to avoid that fate.

If you get tired of heart squeezing toddler hijinks (and I never was, mind you, but IF you are), time passes and various different “love interests” begin to pop up as the child turns into a young woman and the actual story starts to take place. It consists mostly of trying to keep her alive while not completely rewriting the story, although there are many hints as the plot progresses that not everything is as it seems.

The art is absolutely stunning, every page filled with a gorgeous array of vibrant colours, and even if the character designs fall into same-face-syndrome at times, the amount of detail and care that are put in each drawing completely make up for it. An utter joy to see the various dresses and hairdos our main character changes into, dumb point, but I honestly looked forward to them.

And the characters themselves (shoutout to our main princess) are precious.
The way people change throughout the manhwa is heart wrenching, from cold bastards to hot bastards 😉

All winks and nudges aside, the relationship between characters can be exceptionally sweet and can (sometimes) progress in an adequate measure of time, especially taking into account the years some of them pass together.

A complete guilty pleasure for me, it just gives me everything I wanted from an isekai. Like, haven’t you ever wish to be able to redo your whole life again, knowing what you know now? AND be rich and cute? I dont even know what else you want man.

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